Terrestrial, Environmental, and Marine Scientist

Program Management | Cross-Functional Team Leadership




Coastal Plain

From Texas to Massachusetts, the Coastal Plain extends from the Fall Zone to the shoreline, and beyond into the Outer Continental Shelf to the break point of the continent.  While many focus on the dry or the wet only, my career has allowed me to bridge these disparate regions while continually developing a practical skillset that transfers seamlessly from academia to industry to the general public.

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Continental SHelf

From the shallow coastal waters where waves break on the shore out to below the Gulf Stream, investigations rely on robust and diverse teams of geologists, biologists, archaeologists, chemists, oceanographers, and surveyors — I have had the fortune  to not only work with but to also lead these teams to identify resources, solve problems, and extend our knowledge in these complicated areas.

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I am fortunate to have had many opportunities to investigate geology and geoarchaeology internationally in Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia, and most recently in Greece.  Domestically, with various research teams, field work has taken me to high-altitude lakes in Utah, the Great Lakes, and many of our physiographic provinces across North America.

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About Me

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to understand the Earth.  From the sediments, stratigraphy, rocks, minerals,  water, and climate,  I find that we serve people and the Earth by exploring, documenting, and understanding the interrelationships between the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and climate.


From Chester, Virginia (USA), just south of Richmond, I currently reside in Charleston, SC.


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