Actually installing ionCube successfully.  Softaculous will not install on shared hosting unless GoDaddy does it for you.


To install Softaculous ionCube on my GoDaddy hosting for access to their lovely suite of installs, here is what needed to be done for my instance.

1.  Make sure you have your php.ini file here:   /home/mySite/public_html/php.ini   It may be found here on GoDaddy, but I don't have one.  If that's you, go to your cPanel->Files->File Manager and create one by clicking on "+ File", otherwise use the one that is already in place.

2.  Disable alternative PHP cache (APC) by opening and add the following line to your php.ini file.  On cPanel, it should be in /public_html with the name php.ini


3.  Download the zip (at least that's what I chose) from for your particular system (the link below may work).  I downloaded the 32 bit version for Linux and saved it locally:

Linux (64 bits)   Includes ionCube 24 support tar.gz zip Uploader 6.0.8 2016-12-15

4.  Upload the file you downloaded (in my case, using filezilla or other ftp (or straight from the cPanel, using Upload; I prefer the FileZilla so I know I'm using binary upload, not text, which may corrupt).  There are many files in there, so you are prepared for different versions of PHP (such as X.Y may be 5.6, as shown below).

5.  Add the following two lines to your php.ini file, and change "absolute path" to the real path and X.Y. to your PHP version (which you can find at cPanel->Software->Select PHP version):


zend_extension=/absolute path/ioncube/

in my case, the final two lines look like this:



6.  Now go to your https://SITE/ioncube/loader-wizard.php and follow directions there.  It has several of those above.

7.  I found that I needed to use Ctrl-F5 to reload the loader wizard page and then test the system with the bottom button for it to show the setup above was functioning correctly (see below).

8.  Delete loader-wizard.php from your server.  Jump below to Step 9.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that This Script Is Removed When No Longer Required

ionCube Loader Wizard

Loader Installed Successfully

The ionCube Loader version 6.0.8 for PHP 5.6 is installed and encoded files should run successfully.

Please contact the script provider if you do experience any problems running encoded files.

For security reasons we advise that you remove this Wizard script from your server now that the ionCube Loader is installed.

The version 5 ionCube Loaders can also provide a real-time intrusion protection system called ionCube24.

ionCube24 stops attackers from launching malware on your site.

Visit to find out more.

If you have a VPS, NOT shared hosting, you can potentially install Softaculous 


9. Use PuTTY to SSH into your system (use your IP address found on Home cPanel Screen) with your ftp account (cPanel->Files->FTP Accounts->Special FTP Accounts to the one that is at your top path /home/myhost ).  If you need to change (forgot) your password, go out to your Godaddy->Hosting->>Settings to the Password Tab.

10.  Getting some of the instructions on Firewalls and installation from use the following commands.

wget -N
chmod 755

For me on shared hosting, this failed.  On VPS, I do not what to do beyond this install above other than point you to their pages: 


I have a Ticket in at to see if they can assist.  Thanks folks!  I look forward to hearing back from you!