The final product -- Gavros!

Happy Greek Indepencence Day!

Being a national holiday, like our July 4 in the USA, I thought I would prepare something common in Greece -- Fried Gavros.  These little fish are wonderful to eat, and currently are only about 4.5 euros per kilogram whole.  The nice thing about buying them at the local fish monger is that they will clean them for you!  Then you eat the whole thing once it is fried.

To start, you need about 15 gavros per person, a lemon, salt, flour, and olive oil.  In a bowl, rinse the cleaned gavros in cold running water until it runs clear.  After draining the water, squeeze the lemon all over and add salt to taste--throw it in the refrigerator for an hour or two (or overnight). 

Cleaned gavros right from the market

When you are ready to fry them, go ahead and heat up enough olive oil to almost cover the fish once they are in the oil--at about 80% power (8/10, 7/9) on the stove.  Drain off the liquid, and place the gavros in a bag with about a cup of flour per kg fish.  Shake it back and forth until they are covered.  

Floured gavros

To fry them, if you want to be able to flip them easily, just pinch four or five tails together and set in the hot oil, or do them indivdually.  I've done both in the photos so you can see the difference.  Cook on one side until they are light brown, then flip until golden brown all over.  

Frying gavros

That's it!  Of course, being a national independence day, and given our July 4 traditions--I had a beer with mine.  Happy cooking!

A wonderful plate of fresh fried gavros!

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