Open markets with fresh oranges

Today marks the end of my third week in Greece!  In that time I have walked an average of about 5 km (~3.2 miles) a day, with up to about 10 km (6.2 miles) one day (at least according to my iPhone health app).  Although keeping up with my journal, keeping up with the website here has proven a bit more difficult.

So for today, I will briefly discuss the markets in Greece.  To start, thank goodness for a few Greek words in my vocabulary, and more in the merchants'!  After only a few days here, I dove into the market (without a basket--had to come back for that) and was truly amazed.  Quickly passing the clothing, slowing past the cookware, I arrived at the fresh fish section, then the oranges, and vegetables, and fruits, and greens, and flowers.  What a wonderful experience!  Then there was the communication--I felt a little like a stereotype from the paleolithic--point there, random number there, grunt there (although I actually do believe paleolithic peoples probably had a very good language, and sea-going craft...).  I did have to laugh at myself, both from a complete hilarity of the moment and my complete ignorance of the language.  But after the first trip, and spending very little, I came home with a grand pile of fresh, tasty, and great food!

Friday Market fruits, vegetables, and herbs


Fish at Friday Market

That was the Friday market.  

On Saturday, I walked the 30-40 minutes to the Central Market in Athens, a permanent structure with terrestrial meats on the outer circle, and a lot of fish in the center.  You can also find cheeses, spices, and an assortment of other features around this area (including the phone store).  

Central Market Meats




Central Market Cheese  I had the sheep feta (back left), which fresh is only about US$3.50 per pound (7.60 Euros per kg).  The nice thing I learned at both markets is that if you even try to speak Greek, they love you for it!  And if you want to taste before you buy, ask if they haven't already shoved a piece on you (which is a great sales tactic).


So with all that good food, I leave you with a few things I cooked that first week.

Breakfast the day after the market--eggs, spinach, orange, and strawberries.

Whole Fish and Vegetables


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