We are making (will have made) some andouille sausage this weekend, after a heck of a time finding some for the Thanksgiving holiday.  There was a lot of "fresh" sausage, but not the smoked kind we were looking for (except in the packages on the shelves).  So, here is what we did:

Cut the Meat

Cut into 1/4 to 1/2 inch cubes:

5# boston butt
1/2# pork fat


For the spices, we we like to mix the dry and wet separately, starting with the wet, then adding the dry over the mixed wet pork and spices.  That said, here is the list of spices we used:

 3 Tbsp salt (kosher, coarse)  1 Tbsp fresh thyme (3/4 dry)
 2 Tbsp black pepper  2 tsp chili powder
 1 Tbsp paprika  2 tsp crushed red pepper
 4 Tbsp chopped garlic 2 tsp dried oregano
 2 tsp file powder ~2 tsp cayenne pepper
 1 tsp ground cumin    
 2 tsp onion powder  1 tsp Prague #1 *

*See and other sites for an understanding of using the curing salts Prague #1 vs Prague #2